Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where I Spend My Days

So, this is where I spend my weekdays. (And lately, most weekends, since we were given ONE day to prepare our classrooms!) Everything is clean and shiny and waiting for my students to walk through the door on the first day of school. 

Looking in from the door

The Morning Meeting Area

My Beloved ActivBoard

The (Now!) Empty Counter

The Math Area

Our Reading Focus Wall/Reading Center

Our Math Focus Wall/Center Table

My (Sad, Boring) Desk 
(that we're no longer allowed to personalize.)

My Table
(where I meet with my students every day)

The Students' Storage Area

From the Students' Point of View

We're making the switch to digital curriculum this year. Every student will have his/her own laptop, which will be interesting. We're also teaching Common Core standards this year in addition to the Alabama Course of Study standards. Oh, and did I mention that we merged with the middle school and have an all new administrative team? 

It's going to be a year of changes and hard work, but I'm ready to face the challenge. Here we go!!!

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