Thursday, December 30, 2010

New York, New York

Did I mention what a mess it was in New York City? We went a few days after the big blizzard, and there was still snow everywhere. Some of it was melting, so it made for a nasty, sloshy mess! They were getting ready for New Year's Eve in Times Square, so it was a little better in that area of town.

As we were walking back to Grand Central Station, we passed a building that always has really neat Christmas decorations.

I also made it a point to pass by Radio City Music Hall. Usually, they have the toy soldiers around the building that collapse every few minutes. They didn't have them out this year, though. Sad!

We also stopped to take a peak at this year's Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. We thought it was a puny looking tree and weren't that impressed. We found out a little bit later that we were on the worst side of the center to view the tree. We made a quick trek to the other side, and it appeared much more regal.

A Pic from the Puny Side

We had a great trip into the "City." By the time we decided to leave, we were cold and tired and ready to go home!

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