Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Eating at Home: Day 2

Today was the last day of our holiday break, and I'm so happy to say that it was a productive day!

It has been so cold and rainy that I haven't been motivated to do much during break. I kept the house straightened, finished my Christmas shopping, attended several holiday get-togethers, and went to Nashville and back. The rest of the time I was lazy and enjoyed my share of Christmas movies. Those relaxing days were simply glorious!

Today, however, I entered way too many receipts, balanced the checkbook that hadn't been balanced in a really long time, finished knitting a scarf, talked on the phone for two hours, and paid Marc's last tuition bill. Entering receipts and balancing the checkbook are two of the chores that I dread most, and I had put them off long enough. But I'm thrilled to say they are done, balanced, and we are good to go!

Tonight for dinner, I warmed up some Charleston She Crab Soup that we picked up at Publix. It is so yummy and inexpensive, and I love that it only needs to be heated. We buy it cold by the bag, but you can buy it already hot at the store. They rotate soup days, though, so you may miss out on the crab soup. Add a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches, and dinner is done! Easy, peasy!

Tomorrow, it's back to work. Back to faculty meetings, lesson plans, and grading papers. I'm really excited to see my students, though. I can't wait to hear all about their break. Only five more months of school!

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