Saturday, January 5, 2013

Eating at Home: Day 4

On Friday nights, we always get take-out of some kind. I figure it's our little reward for eating at home all week. Last night, we were able to get Chick-fil-a (for me) and Chinese food (for Marc) for less than $10, thanks to a survey coupon for a free sandwich. 

I had planned to make shrimp po'boys tonight for dinner, but both of us were worn out from shopping all day. Marc is beginning his student teaching internship on Monday, and he needed to buy some new shoes and exercise clothes. Shoe shopping for size 15s is never fun, but he racked up with three pairs of shoes, four shirts, and two pants! 

So, right now he is making some Hamburger Helper (blech!), and I'm going most likely make breakfast for dinner. Or I may still make some shrimp. Decisions, decisions!

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