Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eating at Home: Day 3

Back to school today! 

After getting about three hours of sleep, it was really hard to wake up this morning, and it was oh so cold! My students were really tired, too, so it was a long day!

Thankfully, I had planned for that and made sure tonight's dinner was nice and easy. I asked Marc to pick up a rotisserie chicken, because let's be honest, they cost less than $5.00. By the time you add up the cost of a raw chicken, seasoning, heating the oven, and my precious time, I'm better off just buying one already made. I also asked him to pick up some mashed potatoes and gravy from another place (for about $3.50), and I made some stuffing to go with everything. And we ate everything at home. Good comfort food for a cold night!

We had half of the chicken left, and I had planned to make a chicken casserole to freeze for later. Marc had different plans, though, and he claimed it so he could make chicken salad. I'm so glad it won't go to waste!

Dinner was done and cleaned up by 5:30 so I'm planning to take it easy tonight!

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