Friday, January 11, 2013

One Week Down!

The first week of student teaching is in the books! 

Marc has had a wonderful week of student teaching! He was really nervous going into it, because you never know what kind of person you'll get as your supervising teacher. Marc lucked out, though, and it seems like he as a good one. That can make all the difference in the world!

All the student teachers I've ever had have always taken the first week to observe and get into our classroom routine. Rarely have I ever had one that was willing to teach a lesson or a group during that first week. Marc, however, started teaching on his first day! I'm so proud of him for taking the initiative to do that.

The kids seem to really like him, although he has had a few to try to test him. He handled it, though, which is great because that sets the standard for the rest of his internship. The kids seem really intrigued by the fact that he "owns so many pairs of shoes!" (If only they knew...) He said they also ask him all the time how he gets his hair to spike and stay up for the day. Hilarious! Kids notice all the little things!

One of the perks of him being so close to my school is that we can now carpool together in his Fiat. He's made two round trips to Athens, and we have driven back and forth together for four days on $25 worth of gas. And he still has a 1/4 tank! My gas-guzzling Explorer is mostly likely going to stay parked for the next couple of months! 

I'm so happy to see Marc finally doing something that he loves. He just said this morning that it's going to be awesome when he gets paid to have fun at work all day. I love that attitude! He's going to make a great teacher!

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