Sunday, October 14, 2012

Eating at Home: Day 11

Normally, we do our grocery shopping on Sunday mornings after church. That didn't work out for us this morning, though.

Right before we left the house, my head started hurting. Not a big deal, I just took some medicine. Then on the way to church, I started having all the signs that I was going to have a full-blown migraine. I didn't want to tell Marc because he had to serve at church, and I thought the medicine I took earlier was going to kick in. No such luck!

After Marc was finished was finished serving the Lord's Supper, he could see that something was wrong, and he took me home. I slept for a few hours, and when I woke up, my migraine was gone. (Love Imitrex!) We went late this afternoon to get our groceries.

While we were out, we picked up some lobsters. Marc is from shoreline Connecticut, and grew up going to the lobster pounds to pick up lobsters that were caught the same day. On the rare occasion that they go on sale down here, we pick up a few, and he steams them. So this is what we had for dinner tonight:

He always separates mine before he takes it to the table. (And they really blend in with my Fiesta platters!) Right now, he's cleaning up all the dishes like he does every night after dinner. I love that he's willing to do that every night because I hate doing dishes!

So, tomorrow it's back to work!

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