Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eating at Home: Day 4

We did it! We ate at home four nights in a row!

This afternoon, Marc had to meet someone at 5:00 across town so he was going to be late getting home. He called me after work to see if I wanted to go to Red Robin to eat dinner. (He has a free birthday burger coming...) As tempting as it was, I told him that I really wanted to cook tonight. (Gasp!)

I've had a crazy week filled with three meetings and four different interns hanging out in my classroom. The last thing I really wanted to do was cook tonight. But that was my goal, and I stuck to it! I have to say that I'm really proud of myself!

On the menu tonight was shrimp scampi with pasta and garlic bread.

It was quick and easy to make and oh so good! Now, we're going to eat tomorrow night, because I've earned it!

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