Monday, October 1, 2012

Eating at Home: Day 1

Marc and I eat out WAY TOO MUCH! Not only is it really expensive, but we usually pick unhealthy junk. So, my goal this month is to eat more home-cooked meals. 

Part of the reason we eat out so much is that I'm absolutely exhausted when I get home from work every day. I have to be "ON" for about seven hours a day, and it wears me out. My classroom ranges from calm to chaotic at any given minute depending on what we're doing, and sometimes I feel like the ringleader. 

So, in an effort to be more organized, I made a monthly menu this past weekend, along with a detailed grocery list. And by gum, I'm going to STICK WITH IT! I'm going to cook every night except Fridays and Sundays. We're also planning to go out this month for Marc's birthday and our anniversary.

Tonight, I made stuffed bread with pepperoni, ham, and provolone cheese! (This is not my bread. I borrowed the picture from the linked website.)

Oh my! It was so good! I've always been scared to make it, because Marc is used to his Italian mama's stuffed breads. But he loved it! (And it wasn't hard to make at all...a huge plus for me!)

I'm going to definitely use this recipe again. It's a keeper!

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