Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Day in St. Maarten - Part 1

We were docked in St. Maarten when we woke up on Tuesday morning. It was a little hazy so it was hard to see across the port. This was the view from our verandah:

After eating a quick breakfast at Cabanas, Marc and I headed down to the first deck to leave the ship. We were about 45 minutes early for our tour so we were able to walk right off the ship without having to wait in a long line. Since we were so early, I stopped to take a few pictures.

The Disney Fantasy in St. Maarten

I'm finally in St. Maarten!

Marc in St. Maarten

Isn't she beautiful?

Marc and I met our Bernard's Tour group at the end of the pier...a quick three minute walk. We paid and were soon on our way. We were still about 35 minutes early for our assigned time, but they took us out as soon as we got there. So, we ended up getting 30 extra minutes at Orient Beach a little later in the day. Win!

Junior, Our Awesome Guide!

As we drove through the island, Junior gave us lots of interesting facts and showed us all the top spots on the island. He passed around rum punch (at 9:15am!!!), water, soda, and juice for us to enjoy along the way. 

Our first stop was the iguana farm. (And I use the word "farm" in the loosest way possible!) I really didn't want to get off the shuttle bus, but since Marc was loving every second of this stop, I decided to play along. As soon as we started walking up, they came scurrying out of the brush. I almost died! Some of the iguanas were the size of small dogs! Well-trained little big critters, they were!

One of the Smaller Iguanas

Okay, so Blogger doesn't like it when you add a lots of pictures, and since I do have lots of pictures, I'm going to divide this into several posts.

Next stop: St. Maarten Sea Life

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