Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Day in St. Maarten - Part 3

Our next stop was a two-hour beach break at Orient Beach. As all European beaches are, it was clothing optional. One side of the beach is (optional) topless only, while the other side is (optional) full nudity. Thankfully, we were on the topless only side! While most people chose to wear full clothing, there were a couple of (old!) women who went topless. (There are some things you just can't unsee!)

This beach was exactly how I imagined a Caribbean beach to be. The water was warm, clear, and extremely blue! There was a slightly strong undertow the day we were there, but it was just right to make some cool waves.

Besides swimming, there were lots of activities like sailing and jet-skiing to choose from. 

Marc and I chose to swim and enjoy soaking up the sun. Several restaurants at the beach offered loungers and umbrellas for rental. For $10, we got two loungers and an umbrella. It also included a private changing room and restroom access. (The French charge per potty break!) You could also rent a lounger and umbrella for $5. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why we rented two loungers, because we hardly ever used them. 

Okay, maybe I (and my toes!) did use a lounger!

I could stay here all day long!

I have to take at least one "toes in the sand" picture at each beach I visit, so here it is:

I was sad when it was time to pack up and head on. I have to say this was my favorite stop on the tour!

Next stop: Marigot

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