Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally on the Disney Fantasy!

This was the day! We were finally on the Disney Fantasy! The ship was absolutely amazing!

Our port arrival time was 1:30pm, which was the earliest time we could get because we booked this cruise so close to sail date. We arrived inside the terminal at 1:25pm, and it was packed! We went through the Castaway Club line so the check-in process went a little quicker for us. We were in boarding group #25, but as they were handing us our boarding card, open boarding was announced. Talk about chaos!

At one point, the line wrapped around the terminal twice. Thankfully, we were at the front of the line by then. I'm still wondering why they called open boarding so early since the last port arrival time that could be scheduled began at 3:30pm. Oh well, at least we were able to go right to our stateroom after a brief stop at Palo to see if there were any brunch openings. (There were! We got a 10:30 slot for Sun morning!)

The Terminal at Port Canaveral

The AquaDuck!!!

We waited until later in the week to ride on the AquaDuck, although we never saw really long wait times. When we rode, we were able to go three times in less than 20 minutes. (The posted wait time was 10 minutes.) It seemed that the best time to ride was during the first dinner seating because the pool areas were empty then.

Waving Goodbye!

Fish Lips...Home of the Port Canaveral Webcam

After the Sail Away Party, we went back to our stateroom to unpack, and we also started passing out our first fish extender gifts. Man, that was a lot of walking!!! Then, it was time for dinner at Animator's Palate.

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