Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Day in St. Maarten - Part 5

Our last stop of the day was at Maho Beach. It's small but beautiful, and definitely EXCITING!

The draw for this beach is that it is next to the island's airport so you can see planes (very closely!!!) as they are landing and taking off.

Here's a big one that's landing...

It was amazing! You had to be careful where you stood, though. One of the people in our tour group got "blasted" by one of the planes. (It was the one above if I remember correctly.) The wind from the plane picked her up from the far left of this picture and threw her out into the water almost to the far right of this picture. It was really scary to watch, and we were completely helpless and couldn't get to her. 

The required "toes in the sand" 
pic at Maho Beach

After a long day of touring, I was really happy to see this sight! We had a blast on our Bernard's Tour, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They are a class act!

About an hour later, it was time to say goodbye to St. Maarten. We loved visiting your island and will be back soon! 

Getting ready to leave...Those people 
better hurry up if they plan to leave with us!

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