Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fish Extender Gifts - Part 1

One of the things we missed out on during our first cruise was participating in a fish extender group. A fish extender is a pocket or set of pockets that hangs from the fish outside your stateroom door, like so:

Then, you exchange gifts with other passengers in your fish extender group. There are no rules about what should be given or when so you never know what you'll get. (Think stocking stuffers on Christmas morning!) Some people give stateroom gifts, some give to each person in the room, and some give only to the kids. Some people only give one gift during the cruise while others give a few gifts or even something every day. 

So, Marc and I have decided to do two small gifts and one large gift for each stateroom. (Keep in mind that we've only known about this cruise since May 8 so we needed to choose simple gifts that didn't require a lot of time!!!)

For the first gift, we decided to take it easy. I've been experimenting with making subway art since January and finally found a photo-editing program that I love called PicMonkey! I started off with a blank white picture and added text and stamps until I came up with this:

Then I saved it to my trusty Pink Piggy and ordered some prints from Sam's Club. (A mere 13 cents each! Well, the ones I actually paid for. I got 25 free prints with my order!) I stopped by Hobby Lobby on the way and bought some bright card stock mats and magnetic tape. All that was left was the assembly.

The finished product...Disney Fantasy Subway Art Magnets!!!


  1. I LOVE this! I was thinking about doing something like this for the make your own travel coffee mug insert. How did you get your margins so clean? I can't find any settings in the PicMonkey to allow for margins....when right or left justify, still not lining up correctly. Any hints?

  2. Just so you know, a girl named Stephanie Berry from the facebook group Magical Mickey Graphics & More.... is using this design as her own by removing the watermark and providing date changes.