Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Day in St. Maarten - Part 4

Next up was Marigot, a shopping village on the French side of the island. I'll admit that I wasn't thrilled about the thought of this stop, but I was pleasantly surprised. The scenery was beautiful, the little market square was something to be experienced, and it included a stop at a French bakery. (They did know how to make this fat girl happy!)

The Pier at Marigot

Looking across to the village

Junior, our guide, told us to be sure to stop over at Sarafina's. It's a French bakery, and it had a lot of goodies to choose from. Our favorites were the ham and cheese panini and the chocolate eclairs. Heavenly!

This was the street market that was set up. Once you got past the touristy stuff, they had some neat items. I bought a bracelet to help remember the trip.

After about 30 minutes, we were on our way to the next, and last, stop:  Maho Beach

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